Dr. Blickman on Maximizing the Value of Medical Scholarship Experience

As a medical student, you have a lot on your plate. You’re juggling classes, clinical rotations, and perhaps a part-time job. It can be difficult to find time for anything else. But if you’ve been awarded a scholarship, it’s important to make the most of the opportunity. Here are the tips by Dr. Johan Blickman to help you get the most out of your medical scholarship experience.

Dr. Blickman has decades of experience in radiology and pediatrics. He’s a professor at the Harvard Medical School and at the UMC Nijmegen, also known as the University Medical Center, as well as a board member for several organizations. Dr. Blickman is ideally suited to offer high-quality healthcare for youngsters.

How to make the most of your medical scholarship experience:

  • First, get involved with the scholarship organization. Many scholarships are sponsored by professional organizations or foundations. These organizations often host events and offer leadership opportunities for scholars. Getting involved is a great way to network and build relationships with other medical professionals.
  • Second, take advantage of any benefits the scholarship offers. Some scholarships come with benefits like a free membership in professional organizations or access to exclusive events. Be sure to take advantage of these perks so that you can get the most out of your membership.
  • Third, use the scholarship money to further your education. Many scholarships come with stipulations about how the money can be used. Typically, the funds can be used for tuition, books, and other educational expenses. But some scholarships may also allow you to use the money for living expenses or research projects. Be sure to check the guidelines so that you can make the most of your scholarship money.
  • Finally, stay in touch with the scholarship organization. Once you’ve finished your degree, be sure to keep the organization updated on your career plans. They may have job openings or other opportunities that could be a good fit for you. And they’ll appreciate hearing from a past scholar who is doing well in their career.

What NOT to do with your medical scholarship money:

It can be tempting to want to blow your medical scholarship money on a luxury vacation or a new car. However, it’s important to remember that this money is intended to help you with your medical education.

  • That means that you should use it for expenses like tuition, books, and other educational materials.
  • You may also want to use it to cover living expenses so that you can focus on your studies.
  • While it’s okay to treat yourself with a small portion of your scholarship money, be sure to put most of it towards your education so that you can make the most of this generous financial aid.


By following these tips, you can make the most of your medical scholarship experience. You’ll build relationships with other professionals, take advantage of benefits and resources, and set yourself up for success after graduation. So, don’t let your scholarship money go to waste—use it to further your education and career.

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